Today’s the day!

To make sure the whole evening runs smoothly, here come the schedule, our challenge and our emergency suggestions for you.

The Schedule

Time Schedule

17.30: starter
19.30: main course
21.30: dessert
from 23: afterparty at Aux Gazelles

Make sure to check your hosts’ addresses beforehand to avoid surprises when it comes to travel time or route. We have calculated half an hour of travel time in between.

The Challenge

Photo Challenge

Emergency Plan

In case anything goes wrong, grab a quick Käsekrainer hotdog and a beer at Scharfer Réné or Bitzinger, or dessert at Aida. Although we really hope that will not be necessary.

We count on all of you!

Remember: This evening’s outcome depends on all of us. So please try to be on time, be delightful hosts and splendid guests AND participate in our challenge to give everyone something to look at and enjoy (Plus, you can win a cookbook with the help of which you will also be a wonderful cook when you’re drunk.  😉 ).
In case you are held up, please contact your hosts or guests timely and inform them.

Have fun and see you all soon!

Roger, Gabriel, Pia & Sarah

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