Meet Francois: The Drunk Gourmet

The other day, after many hours at the Dinner Roulette office, I met up with my dear friend Francois for an after work drink. Francois is an excellent cook, which is a real asset with the ladies. Anyway, after a view glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, I got quite hungry. Instead of letting me buy a kebab around the corner, Francois invited me over to his place, for a little snack. Let me tell you: This guy can even cook drunk! It doesn’t matter if he is drunk on red or white wine, on beer or anything else – even drunk he is a gourmet. His little trick: He collected a few recipes, which are even possible to cook after a few glasses of alcohol. And now comes the best part for you. Francois is making his secret recipe collection for drunk gourmets public.

If you want to learn more about the book he is launching, head over to his Facebook page.

On December 1st, the book presentation will take place at Café Siebenstern. You are all invited to come!

You can win

And: During our Dinner Roulette evening, you will have the chance to win one of three copies of “Der beschwipste Gourmet” in the course of the challenge my team and I are preparing.

Good luck!


P.S.: I convinced Francois to give me the recipe of the soup he prepared for me that evening – for a little taste. You’re welcome. 😉 (Please hit Ctrl or Strg and +, to zoom in on the picture a little)

Rezept für geeiste Marillensuppe



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