CIY: Why the mess?

The idea of Dinner Roulette is, CIY – to cook it yourself. Let me tell you why this is a formidable idea and how you can manage.

You know what you get

The most prevalent advantage might be, that you decide the amount of sugar, salt and fat in your meal. It has been proven that convenience food contains way too much salt and often also sugar, than is healthy; and added aromas and stabilizing agents. All those factors make convenience food less nutritious. The price/performance ratio is off.

Let ‘em praise you

You guests will appreciate your effort. Seeing others enjoy what you prepared and finding that you are also happy with the outcome is very rewarding. Admittedly, we do not have scientific proof for that yet, BUT our theory is that this will heighten your dopamine levels. Good feels for suuurrre!

The recipe is your guide

Recipes are designed to take you through the process step by step. Trust them to do a good job, and when in doubt about a certain technique, just google or watch a short tutorial on YouTube. Thank god for the internet, right?

Preparation is key

Before starting to cook, weigh or portion the ingredients, take out all the tools you will need and lay them by your work surface. Read through the recipe once to have gain an overview of the process. In doing so, you avoid stress and surprises.

Add a little buffer

There is no need to stand in the kitchen seven hours straight. Your guests will appreciate any homecooked meal. Pasta with a good sauce and salad on the side are perfectly fine as a main course. Whatever you prepare, make sure to be realistic about how much time it will take you. When in doubt, allow for a time buffer of 30 minutes.

You’re not alone

Remember: You’ve got yourself a cooking buddy! Ideally, you or/and your cooking buddy are passionate cooks anyway. If not, there is no need to worry. With the tips above, cooking will become a passion of yours in no time at all. As always, you have to start cooking to get better at it. So, take up the opportunity to start by participating in Dinner Roulette. Learning by doing, as always.

You see that cooking yourself is not complicated at all. And it is a lot of fun – especially in good company.
To answer the question in the title: Why the mess? Because it pays off.
So, go ahead and sign up for Dinner Roulette and show us, what you’ve got!

See you soon!



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