5 Sweet Reasons to Sign Up as A Single Runner

During the preparations for the first event, my team and I noticed, that we were missing something: The opportunity for cooking and socializing enthusiasts to sign up, if they could not find a cooking buddy. So, we added the option to sign up as a single runner and be paired with another to form a team. Let me give you five reasons, why you should seize the opportunity to take part in Dinner Roulette, even though you have not found a cooking buddy.

      1. Be unstoppable

        How cool is it, not to let yourself be put off participating, simply because your friends have already found cooking buddies, or because they already have plans on the evening of the event or simply because you are new to Vienna and have not had the opportunity to make friends you could now cook with? Do not let it stop you!


      2. Be adventurous

        Forming a team with someone you have never met is somewhat of an adventure. Let life (and us) hand you some lemons and see what sweet lemonade you can make out of it!
        GIF adventure

      3. Be cool

        Of course there is the possibility, that you and your cooking buddy are not exactly best friend material – as much as we try to pair everyone with people they will get along with wonderfully and as much as we trust that people interested in Dinner Roulette are friendly, open-minded and fantastic anyway. Do not worry about that, though, because you will hardly ever be on your own anyway. With each course, you will meet four new people.
        GIF cool

      4. Be our partner

        Each and every participant plays a vital part in creating a fun and wonderful Dinner Roulette evening. We are very well aware of that and thankful to anyone, who joins us.
        GIF partners check

      5. It’s for free

        Ok, I know I’m breaking the pattern here, but seriously: how is that not a reason to sign up?
        You see:

        going to the cinema on your own: min. 7 euros + popcorn + loneliness
        going to see a play on your own: min. 20 euros + loneliness
        going to a club on your own: min. 10 euros + overly expensive drinks + weirdos, drunk people,…
        going to a bar on your own: for free, but, well, drinks + loneliness

        Joining Dinner Roulette: shared expenses for the meal you’re preparing with your buddy + new friends + a whole evening of good food and drinks

        GIF sweet


    I hope I could convince you!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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