Taking Part In Dinner Roulette Is Easy Cheesy

Travelling through Vienna to various locations and having your course ready and everything set as soon as your own guests arrive might seem like a tough task, stressful even. After having taken part in two Dinner Roulette evenings, let me tell you: it is not. Here are a few tips on how to work it all out and enjoy a relaxed and fun evening, while also spoiling your guests.

Every course is different and a fun challenge

Starter: Your guests will be thankful to kick the evening off with an enjoyable tidbit, but since you will all spend the rest of the evening eating, there is no need to prepare masses. Instead, you can focus on serving your guests special drinks, be it non-alcoholic home-made lemonade or an aperitif-cocktail.

Main-course: Admittedly, the main course is the most challenging of all regarding timing, but totally manageable. Think of cooking something, which is easy to reheat, something you can finish off as soon as you and your guests arrive from the starter. Ragout is always a good choice; you can cook fresh pasta to accompany it, make dumplings or cook potatoes ahead and roast them in a pan later. Another option is preparing quiche or casserole, pre-bake them a little and put them back in the oven later for a few minutes, for the perfect finish. Another fun option is offering your guests something, they will assemble on their own: tacos, tortillas, burgers, and so on.

Dessert: Since you will have slightly less time for dessert, than you will for the main course, I recommend preparing most of it before-hand. Popping a soufflé in the oven as soon as your guests arrive is totally fine. Of course, finishing touches and decorations are best done shortly before serving.

Music for a nice atmosphere

Think of which CD you are doing to pop into your player or prepare a playlist for your guests the day before. You will have one think less to think of and to get done on the day of Dinner Roulette.

Know your guests and your routes

Have a good look at the dinner plan we send you. We will tell you about any allergies, intolerances of your guests, and if they are vegetarian or vegan. Also, make sure to know your hosts’ locations, figure out how to get there and how long it is going to take you to travel from A to B on the evening of Dinner Roulette. You do not want to get lost or arrive all sweaty because you had to run to make it kind of on time.

Get in touch

If you have any questions for your guests or for us, just get it touch! On your dinner plan you will find the cell number of one of your hosts and your guests will also get yours. If you are in doubt about anything or if anything is unclear, call. If you are late or lost, call and give them a heads up or ask for help. If you have any questions regarding the event itself or the organization of it, shoot us a message via drouletteteam@gmail.com. Everyone has their part in making this the best night ever.

Now you know, that it might seem like an awful lot to handle, but in the end, it is not. Communication is key and everyone will be happy to help.
So, just remember to be creative and have fun!

We hope to meet you at the event!

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