Farewell, Pause


As quiet as the last few months must have seemed to you, the more exited they have been in the background. Besides taking the first steps to organize the upcoming event on November 11th (you can already register here), Flo, Gabriel and Sarah did a lot of brainstorming on how to convey the real character of dinner roulette best. As one of the results now you have … well … me 😉

Now that everything is set so far – and as I think my team did a pretty good job – the real fun part is still ahead of us and my actual job can eventually start: Promoting the event and attracting as many people as possible. So „farewell, pause“ … it has been a blast.

And although I would say that convincing strangers seems to be definitely one of my strenghts, I would greatly appreciate your help on that task.

So go out and spread the word: November 11th it is! Tell your friends as well as strangers with whom you‘d like to become friends. True to the motto: The more, the merrier!

Together we are going to create a unique and unforgettable night.


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