*Badum Tish*


May I introduce myself: My name is Roger!

If you will, you can see me as a typical guy from Vienna, enjoying his mid-twenties. Never saying no to a fun night out with good old friends, but still – always curious about getting to know new people: Debating with Francesco from Florence, laughing with Doris from Dresden or flirting with Susanna from Sao Paulo. To sum it up in just one word: Socializing! This is exactly what makes life tingly for me.

And if there‘s the chance to combine these social activities with a second great passion of mine – cooking and eating tasty food – I am all in. Dinner Roulette is representing all those things. Things I love and things I stand for. And that is the reason why I am going to be the face of Dinner Roulette.

In the upcoming weeks we (which means the Dinner Roulette-team and my humble self) are going share the planning progress, event tips as well as our social dinning experiences with you.

So stay tuned for more, because there will be a lot =)


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